3 Quick Thanksgiving Speech Therapy Activities

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! Check out these Thanksgiving speech therapy activity ideas for your articulation sessions. These are fun ways to spice up your sessions the week before Thanksgiving while getting those trials in! 

Therapists are often tired by the time Thanksgiving rolls around. Grab these ready-to-go articulation activities for your entire caseload and ENJOY thanksgiving week with your students this year.

Here are three ideas for all types of students on your caseload. The bonus is that each speech activity is NO PREP! Win-win!

1. Speech Therapy Activity For the Connect-the-Dot Lovers

No prep thanksgiving speech therapy activity

Get tons of trials into your sessions by having students complete this Thanksgiving Articulation Connect the Dot Activity. As they connect each number, have them practice the target word. Need sentence level practice? Have students make a silly sentence with each word as they connect the dots. These are also super easy to send home for engaging homework practice. There is an ink-friendly worksheet for all sounds in all positions. I love keeping these on hand to pull out for quick sessions throughout Thanksgiving week (and sometimes afterwards too).

2. Speech Therapy Activity For the Students who Love Coloring

no prep thanksgiving articulation speech therapy game

Some students on my caseload LOVE coloring. Build on that with this Thanksgiving Turkey Pie Articulation Worksheet. Students help ‘hide’ the pies from the pie-loving turkey by coloring them in. Each page has 12 targets for students to color. You can customize the number of times a student practiced the target before they color the pie in. You can also have them make a sentence with the words for sentence level practice. SLPs love this resource since it covers all speech sounds in every position including mixed position.

3. Speech Therapy Activity For the Students who Love Puzzles 

no prep thanksgiving speech therapy activity

Those students who love a good mystery will love these Articulation Color by Number Mystery Reveal Worksheets. Each number corresponds to a color, target word, and square. As they color each square, have them practice the target word…that’s 100 trials per page! Once all the numbers are filled in, the mystery picture will be revealed. There are two designs for every sound position including each vocalic R and s-blends, l-blends, and r-blends. Students love guessing what the image will be and SLPs love the number of trials they get in. Win-win!

If you want to check out some more year-round no prep speech therapy activities, check out this post: 5 Last Minute Speech Therapy Activities. Hopefully these activities can help you have a fun Thanksgiving week with students while hitting all those trials. Continue changing the world, one voice at a time, Super SLPs!

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