SLP Carry Over Data Tracking Hack

SLP Carry Over Data Tracking Hack

We’ve all been there right? Your student is great at word level and even sentence level…but the second they hit conversation level, it all falls apart! I’ve found a super great bridging activity between sentence level and full conversation level is to use sound loaded stories or books or even poems. It provides just enough support with the visual cues to remind students to watch for their sounds as they read. The bonus? It’s also a great data tracking hack for carryover sessions.

It can be tricky to take data for sounds during conversation or even structured games when there isn’t a word list. This can be especially difficult if you are tracking in different sound positions. Listening for the errors, writing it down, and managing the session can be a lot! Next time, try these Sound Loaded Stories with Data Tracking Sheets or these Sound Loaded Poems with Data Tracking Sheets. These are great for upper elementary and middle school students (Grade 3 or 4 and up!)

Try: Sound Loaded Stories with Data Tracking Sheets

Carry over articulation data sheets

These Sound Loaded Stories have two unique stories per sound position including two bonus stories for mixed positions. Each paragraph has AT LEAST 30 target words. The data tracking sheet that comes with each story allows for super quick progress tracking. I’ve even used this as a pre-treatment and post-treatment probe. 

Data tracking hack: Sound loaded stories with data sheets

Not only can you use them for data tracking, they’re also great for articulation carryover. Here are some more ideas;

  • Have students highlight the target sounds if they need more support
  • Have them track YOU reading for auditory discrimination
  • Have students track themselves (or even record themselves reading and listen back!)
  • Coach students to read slowly or quickly to increase or decrease the challenge

Grab this bundle to save some time and money…or check out these sound loaded stories for the following sounds:

Try: Sound Loaded Poems with Data Tracking Sheet

Sound Loaded books poems with data sheets

Sometimes, I have students who might not be able to sit through a whole story or I’m tight on time (we’ve all been there right?). That’s where these Sound Loaded Poems come in handy. Once again, there are two unique poems per sound position including two bonus poems for mixed positions. Each poem has AT LEAST 10 targets plus a matching data tracking sheet. 

Data Tracking Hack SLP Data sheets

This is my go-to if I need a quick carry over probe or want to squeeze some carry over practice in at the end of the lesson. These are also super great to send home for extra practice!

Both activities can be used digitally or in print. For digital use, simply show the pdf on the device and scroll to the next story. Data sheets are best printed.

I hope this tip helps you track data easily for your next session. The goal is always to decrease your stress a little so you can enjoy your sessions even more. If you want more ideas for articulation sessions, check out this blog post. Continue changing the world, one voice at a time, Super SLPs! 

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