Where are sessions held?

Sessions can be held at the SLP’s home-based office, through video conferencing (i.e., teletherapy), or in another agreed upon location (e.g., your child’s preschool).

What happens in a session?

Sessions are individualized to your child based on their assessment. Therapy sessions are play-based and designed for your child’s learning level. They will target the goal areas identified together with your child and the family. The last five minutes of each session is used to update parents on practice targets, strategies, and progress.

What times are sessions held?

Families have busy schedules! We understand and we are happy to provide appointment times during the day time and evenings.

Are fees subsidized?

Many insurance plans will cover speech and language services. If required by your insurance, Charlene can provide your insurance company with a copy of her current practice permit. This permit indicates that she has met the standards required to practice speech language pathology in Alberta. A receipt will also be provided for each session for tax purposes and reimbursements. Alight Pediatric Services Inc. does not bill directly to insurance companies.

Canada Customs and Revenue Agency can consider fees paid for private speech and language therapy by a speech language pathologist to be a tax-deductible medical expense.

At Alight Pediatric Services, your private speech therapy can also be done online as teletherapy. Contact us for more information

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